October 01, 2007

Cripes...if you sent me email anytime between late August and now and never got a reply, I apologize. Everything was going into my spam folder and I didn't think to check it; I don't get a lot of email anyway so not having any didn't seem out of the ordinary, but now I have to wade through over 3,000 messages and figure out which are spam and which are actually for me.

And today is the deadline for submissions for the new We Are The Kitties book and today technically extends until midnight, so whatever the last midnight in the last timezone is, that's the deadline. So basically, if you get it in by the time the Woman checks her business email tomorrow, you're good. And she has this major thingy in the morning, so she probably won't be able to check it until afternoon...so there ya go. Midnight is probably somewhere around 4 p.m. PT on October 2nd.

The rest of this week she'll be doing a dummy layout for the book to see how long it is; it looks like there are enough submissions, but if there's some space she might ask for kitty pictures to do like the last book and have a couple of pages of a collage type thingy.

Then everyone's submissions will be put into a proof layout, each on by its ownself, and if you submitted you'll get a proof copy in .PDF format so that you can look it over and if there are any typos you can tell her so she can correct it. If you don't get one by November 10 (it should be a lot sooner than that, and I'll mention it a couple of times when she sends them out) then you need to let her know so that there's not the crushing disappointment like there was last year when Beau got left out (you won't get left out this time, Beau, I'll sit on her and remind her over and over to triple check both her computers!)

OK, I am now going to poke through my email and see what's for me and what's just an offer to increase my already massive manhood. If you have any questions, either leave them in the comments (the Woman will check tonight and tomorrow) or email them to her at kathompson@inkblotbooks.com.

She's all a-twitter...I think she's looking forward to this book more than the other stuffs she's working on.

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