October 11, 2007

Oh. How deflating.

The Man had fish for dinner. The Woman had chicken, but the Man had FISH. Real live fresh dead fish. So I was good, I was very good and while the Woman cooked up her chicken and his fish I sat patiently and didn't get in the way and I didn't beg and I didn't jump on the counter to get a closer look and sniff. The Woman even commented on how good I was being, and while they ate I sat on the floor and waited, and Buddah sat on the counter and waited, and then the Man said "Ok, I saved you some." He took all the crunchy stuff off and the skin and gave us each a nice sized piece.

But it was gross.

How can fish possibly be gross? IT'S FISH! By definition fish s supposed to be mouth wateringly wonderful. Go ahead, look it up in the dicitionary. It says right there Fish: a noun: the world's most wonderful taste treat. And there's Fish: a verb: to procur the world's most wonderful taste treat.


Fish cannot possibly be gross! But it was! Buddah and I both looked at it with such deep sorrow that the Woman felt bad and she took the crunchy stuff off some of her chicken and let us have bites of that. Poor Buddah was so disappointed that he only ate a nibble of the chicken, so I had to finish his for him--that's how good I was being.

I just don't understand how this could happen. The Man ate it, he said it was just "ok" but the Woman wasn't offended because she thinks all fish is gross (now you see what I have to put up with...) but I just couldn't bring myself to eat any of it.

I think we should get a Mulligan on this meal, and they should have better fish tomorrow, fish that tastes as good as it looks, and Buddah and I should get a whole giant piece each. And if Buddah doesn't want his, I can force myself to be good again and finish it for him. Because you know you shouldn't leave good fish just laying there, not when there are starving kitties all over the world.

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