October 31, 2007

Cripes, I think I hate October 31. Group after group afer group of Sticky Little People coming to the door, holding bags out, expecting treats for BEGGING. I beg, and what do I get? I get that poky finger wagged at me. They beg and it's all "ahhhh how cute!" I'M CUTE! I WANT TREATS!

After the Sticky Little People stopped coming to the door so often, the People had dinner, and Buddah was downstairs so he got a little bit of roast beast, which he seems to find a little tasty, and that made him feel better about all the sticky people that were here tonight. I would have been happier overall if there had been no sticky people, and if Buddah had stayed upstairs so I could have had his share.

But, now that Sticky Little People Begging Night is over, that means turkey day is coming soon, but I'm not holding my breath because the people don't seem to stay home for that anymore. There should be a law, that people have to stay home for Turkey Day.

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