October 16, 2007

I jumped up onto the Woman's lap and she commented as she petted me, "Your fur's a little cold there, Big Guy."

Well, yeah, that's why I jumped up into your lap. To tell you to turn the warm air blowing thingy on.

And then she said, "The furnace doesn't work. I'm sorry."

What? WHAT?

The warm air blowing thingy is BROKEN and I'm going to FREEZE to death!

Oh she says it won't get that cold tonight, but she has blankets to sleep under. I'm going to have icycles hanging off my useless nipples. I want someone to fix it and fix it Right Now, but the Man told the Woman In Charge that it wasn't urgent yet because it's not that cold. Why did he not tell her to get her skinny butt over here and MAKE IT WARM?

Someone better plan on having a kitty in bed tonight.

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