October 08, 2007

Ok...if you have a story idea or poem idea or whatever, the Woman says she'll take more stuff through the weekend, and in the meantime she'll work on creating proofs for what she already has.

And tonight she's going to email everyone who ha already submitted so they know she got their submissions, which she should have done already but she's limited by that puny human brain and is kinda thoughtless, plus she gets distracted by that rumbly bike a lot...

On the Twinkie thing, she says there's only TWO of them left in the box and then she's not buying anymore for a while because SHE likes them and she's fat enough as it is thankyouverymuch. Why do we have to be punished because she has no self control? I don't even have to have the whole Twinkie...just the cream filling with a little bit of the yellow cake stuff glommed onto it.

See how reasonable I am?

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