October 24, 2007

Book Stuff...

We know this is short notice, but we'd like to include kitty pictures in the book. Even if you aren't a writing kitty, we'd still like a picture (by November 1st...)

If you want a picture in the book, it needs to be either really big, or a small photo that is rendered to 300 dpi. It can be color or black & white, but all photos will be changed to B&W for the book. And this time we'd like to actually identify the kitties pictures, so please name the file with your kitty's name, as you would like it to appear. Like, if it were a picture of Buddah, the file name would be "buddahpest.jpg" but without the quotes. Or if it were me, it would be "psychokittymax.jpg".

Send them to kathompson@gmail.com with the subject header "WATK PICTURE SUBMISSION." In the body of the email, please state the kitty's name for clairity (ya know, so it doesn't wind up mis-spaced...like "bud dahpest" or "psycho kittymax.")

Submitting a picture implies your consent to publish it, so don't worry about signing a publishing agreement. Because, really, you wouldn't send it otherwise, right...?

Are ya excited yet? Are ya? 'Cause we're getting close to A REAL BOOK! and we're GONNA BE FAMOUSER!!!

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