October 21, 2007


  • The Woman has been "busy" and hogging the computers--both of them!--and hasn't let me or Buddah get online to do much this week.
  • For revenge, I peed outside the box. Twice. Right there BESIDE the box.
  • Not intentionally, but it got the point across. "You're pissed off, aren't you?" she asked.
  • Duh.
  • Tomorrow someone is coming to see what they can do to fix the warm air blowing thingy. Luckily, it hasn't been cold the last few nights.
  • We had krokpot chicken the other night. Buddah only licked the gravy off his and then gave it to me.
  • So I played with him later. We played I'm Not Touching You, which the Woman thinks is bizarre.
  • We played it in the china cabinet. I was inside the bottom, Buddah was outside.
  • The Woman kept saying "I don't want you playing in there" but she was to lazy to get up and make us stop.
  • There is no china in the china cabinet.
  • There is lots of booze.

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