July 05, 2008

The Woman won't admit it, but we won the Great Breeze Box War of 2008. I just refused to use the Breeze Box (though I feel bad for disappointing the nice Tidy Cat people because they did give it to me, after all) and Buddah peed in it a couple of times, but then stopped.

Now, that hasn't stopped the Woman. The box is still available, but she's accepted that the rest of her life (at least while we're still here, which is the part worth living) will be spent scooping chucks out of the litter box and sweeping up all the little trails we leave on the floor when we get out of the box.

In other news, Buddah did not freak out at the sounds of all the popping and e-e-e-e sounds coming from the street last night. I wanted to see at was going on, but the Woman wouldn't open the curtain for me because she was afraid Buddah would freak out if he saw stuff happening.

He ruins everything.

But, at least it's not the first 4th of July he was here. He hid under the bed then, and I had to sit on the floor nearby so he wouldn't cry, the little sissy.

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