July 22, 2008

I was lounging on top of the short climbing tower near the front window today, when this strange man headed for our door. The Woman says to relax, he was just here to praise the house, and he wouldn't hurt me.

Well, all right. It's a nice house, nothing spectacular, so I don't know why the People needed someone to praise it, but whatever floats their boats and makes them feel better about living here. I didn't run from him and he was appropriately in awe of me. He said he has a little girl tux cat, she's old but only 5 pounds. I think I'd like to meet her.

Then he started wandering around the house, but I never heard him say one nice thing about it. He took pictures, but that's not exactly heaping the praise on, you know? He went upstairs and I heard him say Hi to Buddah, but still no praise.

There was mention of a buyer and maybe more people coming over to praise the house. I quit listening at that point, because someone already OWNS the house and she's a very nice lady, and she certainly doesn't seem to be so needy as to have to have some stranger offer up praise about this place.

Then he shook the people's hands, and left.


This was odder than the other day when they let that other strange guy come in to wash his hands, and I'm still not sure they realize he took the Woman's rumbly bike.

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