July 19, 2008

There was some braveness going on here this afternoon, and it wasn't me!

Some strange guy came into the house to wash his hands (? I don't know why the People invited him in to wash his hands, but they did, and I hope they know he took the Woman's rumbly bike before he left, and I'm pretty sure she likes that thing) and Buddah tried to suck up to him to get some crunchy treats.

Now, even I have to admit that takes some cojones; now the guy did mention that he has cats and Buddah reminded him of one of his, so I suppose he was thinking the dood couldn't be all that bad if he has a bunch of his own cats. But yeah...I was impressed.

Don't tell him that, though. I wouldn't want him to think I was starting to like him or anything.

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