July 08, 2008

Oh holy...tonight I was sitting on the Woman's lap while we watched today's General Hospital that she recorded on the deeveear, and she was slouched a little bit in the comfy chair, so she picked me up and set me on her chest and stomach.

That part was ok. Her squishys are comfortable enough and I still had a good view of the TV and could still see my idols Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan, both bad guys. I settled in and was watching the Gummy Bear Mafiosos talk to hot women, and you know what she did?

She went from petting me to making these gag-me baby talking noises, going "oooh you're so cute, does you luvs it when I scratches your ears like this? Is Max a happy kitty?"


Look, all I wanted to do was watch GH and maybe get some head skritches, not put up with this hormonal perimenopawsul person grope me and make me want to barf with all her baby talk.

I did what I had to do.

When she told me one more time I was sooooo cute, I stretched up and stuck my tongue up her nose.

Oh yeah, she shut up. And then I got to watch the rest of GH in peace.

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