July 11, 2008

Okay...y'all know that while I can be bought with free stuff, I don't accept paid advertising here. I am a commercial free Psychokitty.

So if I stick something on my sidebar, I really believe in it. And today I stuck something on my sidebar because it is TEH AWESOME!!111!!!


If you watched NBC news tonight you saw a story about a little girl who is working really hard to get food to dogs ho need it. And she has a cat site, too! FREE FOOD FOR KITTIES IN NEED! And the cat blogosphere is all about kitties helping kitties, right?

Well, all right, dogs, too.

If you go to Free Kibble Kat and play the trivia game once every day, 20 pieces of kibble get donated. And when you're done playing for kitty food, you can go to Free Kibble and get dog food donated.

Go play every day, and if you do, I'll be your very best friend.

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