July 17, 2008


So...the Woman offered up her books for sale as PDF files, because like 4 people have asked for them over the last bazillion years. And instead of rushing to buy, people asked for mine instead. Heh. Heh.

She sucked it up and did it. So her books, my books, and the WATK books are available as PDFs.


If she sells any of her books or mine she'll buy a pizza; if any of the WATK books sell as PDFs she'll donate the money.

(edited later to add: it has come to may attention that I need to make it clear that these are not automatic downloads; I have to send them manually. I check my email several times a day, so it shouldn't take too long for the PDF files to arrive in your email. I apologize for the confusion. ~The Woman)

Oh, and get your writing heads in gear. She wants to do WATK 3, but maybe not have it come out until after Christmas. The first one came out after the holidays and it did better than the second one. START THINKING!

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