July 26, 2008

The Great Breeze Box War of 2008 part...7? 12? 523?

Since she wasn't giving up, the Woman did not put the Breeze Box away. She moved it to another location, into a room where Buddah frequently sleeps, plays, and gets all crackhead on himself, thinking (I suppose) that if he was the only one peeing in it, maybe he'd keep using it in "his" special place.

Only he didn't.

Now, she assumed neither of us was bothering to even look at the box, until she caught me in it last night. I didn't realize she was there, or honestly, I never would have gone near it. I don't want to give her any kind of satisfaction, though I can't honestly understand why what I poop in matters to her as long as it's not her shoe.

Anyway, I was in it and she was watching quietly. I kept turning around and around, I stepped out and stared at it, got back in and kept turning, and when I finally got out she said, as if a lightbulb had actually gone off over her head, "It's not big enough, is it?"

I looked at the box again, and realized she was right. I get IN the box, and try to find a comfortable way to let loose, but I just don't fit.

Now, I'm a tall kitty. I can squoosh myself into normal kitty size proportions when I don't want her to get a good picture of me even though it makes me look fat, but the reality is that my body is long enough that if I don't have a litter box matching my size I wind up peeing over the side and onto the floor, and I try to avoid that.

With the plastic side thingies on the Breeze Box, I'm all squooshed in it, and with them off I know I'll pee over the side, which makes everyone unhappy. So I just don't use it.

I wandered downstairs and used the regular box, which needs to be cleaned. I hope someone reads that part.

Now we're wondering: if the Breeze Box was a few inches longer, would more kitties use it? Are the kitties who are using it normal size or smaller kitties? Are the kitties who won't use it my size?

It's a puzzle. The Woman now knows I at least get in the Box...but I can't get comfy enough to do my biznezz.

It may be that simple: bigger box for bigger kitty, and the Humans would win the Great Breeze Box War of 2008.

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