May 29, 2006

The Woman was sitting outside, looking at a magazine, and I was inside, right by the screen door, enjoying the nice breeze. I noticed something was flying right behind her head, so I said "Hey, there's something behind your head."

She glanced at me and said, "It's not time to eat, max."

Well, duh, I knew that. And then I heard it buzzing and knew what it was, and those buzzing thingies can make her sick so I said, "Hey! It's a bee!"

"No, Max, not right now."

"It's a bee dangit!"

She sighed and set her magazine aside and said, "Surely you don't want to come out. You don't like it outside."

"No I don't want outside. I don't want the person who feeds me to die because of a buzzy thing!"

"You have an hour and a half until dinner."

"Bee. Bee. Bee. Bee. Can I say it any clearer?"

"What? You want me to come inside? Is that it?"

"No! There's. A. Bee. By. Your. Head!"

She stood up and as she turned around she saw it, and then scrambled to get inside where it's safe.

And then she had the nerve to say, "Well why didn't you tell me there was a bee so close?"

I hate people. I really do.

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