May 01, 2006

I'd like to blame the Woman for my non-blogging weekend, but the truth is, I just didn't have anything to say. Amazing, eh? And I'm not even sick, I just felt quiet! Buddah hasn't blogged either, but mostly because he's too busy chasing sun spots around the house and being a general annoyance. It must be hard work being a crack head.

A couple times I thought I might have something to say, but by the time she came back to open the laptop for me, I was ready for a nap. Supposedly she's been cleaning out the garage but I peeked in there when she had the door open, and let me tell you, she's doing a really craptacular job. It looks like all the boxes they had lining walls up and puked all over the place. There's no way she's getting a car in there anytime soon.

The People want to clear out all the stuff they don't need anymore and then put in a work bench for the Man. I'm kinda laughing over that one, like either of them will actually WORK enough to need a bench for it. I think the real truth is that the Man is learning to make beer, and they need space to put a frigerator out there so he can store all his beer.

Buddah licked the top of a beer bottle and says now he likes beer. Maybe they'll share with him. I don't think I want any.

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