May 08, 2006

Cripes. I overheard the People saying that they need to make me an appointment at the stabby place because it's time for a physical and time to get stabbed again.

You know what that means, right?

Aside from getting stabbed--and they're going to do it more than once so they can steal more of my blood--the bald guy is going to shove that thing up my butt.

Or he'll try to.

I've been growling a lot lately, and I've got it down so well that it freaks people out. And Buddah, too. It finally occured to me that growling is an easy way to get Buddah to take "No, I don't want to play" seriously, and it makes the People think twice about shoving those chunks down my throat. So I figure a really good growl will make him put the butt-stick thingy down and back away.

Or maybe the People will forget... it's been nice and sunny out and they've been going places in the topless car, so maybe they'll be so caught up in that that they'll forget about getting me stabbed.

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