May 06, 2006

It's the time I hate the most. When the People spends days on end shoving chunks down my throat. They keep saying it's medicine, but I felt FINE before they started and after a few days those chunks make my tummy a little upset. The only good thing about it is that one of our litterboxes is in the Woman's office, and I can foul it like nobody's business once those chunks start to work on me.

This morning the Man thought he'd be clever and he squooshed the chunk up and hid it in my food, so I ate around those parts. 'Course that meant I only ate half my food and was seriously hungry until dinner time, but I stood my ground, and I won! The Woman gave us dinenr early and she gave me more than usual to make up for what I didn't eat this morning. She thinks she can make me take it later, but well see. I've perfected growling and hissing when I'm annoyed, and I think it scares them a little!

Its all about power. And I have tons of it.

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