May 24, 2006

All right now.

Yesterday was going really well; I had breakfast, took two naps, pushed and shived Buddah around and was getting ready for another nap when the Woman grabbed me and shoved a chunk down my throat. This didn't taste nearly as bad as the other chunks, so I didn't fight it. Plus, she said it would make me feel all happy and chit.

And it did.

But then they shoved me in that danged plastic tomb and took me to the stabby place. Oh, they were laughing about how I was all happy and chit and I wouldn't do anything bad to the bald guy, but I showed them. I was nice for about a minute and a half, but then the bald guy took a step back and said "He's ramping up on me."

Well, hell yes I was! I was ramping up to start a biting and pooping spree! So what did he do? He threw a towel over me and took me into another room where he stabbed me!

After that....I dunno. I don't really remember the rest of the day. They took me to the stabby place and I freaking lost a day!

I showed my appreciation for the whole thing by dropping all 15 pounds of my wonderful body right on top of the Woman's face at 5:30 this morning. She thought I was saying "Good morning, now pet me," but that wasn't it.

I only had one thing to say to her.

Give me back my freaking day!!!

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