March 26, 2005

Today I got some special gifts from the Otter Princess. She's like half People, half otter, and half kitty, I think. She sent me the most awesome things--a bag FULL of kitty crack, this rubber thingy the People can rub on my fur (we'll see if I'll allow that...) and SHRIMP! Best yet, the shrimp is laced with kitty crack!!! I haven't had any yet, but the Woman gave me my dinner early so I could be sure to have some tonight.

I figure until I get some, I better be a good kitty for the People. No biting. I'll just curl up on the big fuzzy blanket and nap for a while, because I think I'm going to need all the energy I can muster later.

Shrimp & kitty crack combined. Who'da thunk that was even possible???!!!!

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