March 31, 2005

I have so totally got those People trained and they have no clue...

They had steak for dinner. They kind they cook outside, not cheap microwaveable crap that smells like it should be steak but really tastes like dog food. And they always buy into the cute act...stupid things like pawing at their legs and their butts, standing on my back legs with my front paws on the table edge, while I stretch to see what's on the table (and that always makes the Woman say something like "Holy crap, that cat is tall!" We got the point already, lady...)

Every time, every freaking time, they fall for it. Every time I get some of the steak. The Woman always cuts a piece up for me, and because the Man wants me to love him, too, he gives me a little bit.

Phffft. There's no love there, mister. Just a fine appreciation for your thumbs, you choice of food, and your paycheck.

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