March 01, 2005

It's Feline Appreciation Day!!!

This was as good as Christmas! First thing this morning I got my absolute favorite Stinky Goodness for breakfast, and the Woman promised there would be something special later on.

In the afternoon she went outside for a few minutes and came back, and she had mail for me. It was Squishy Treats and Catnip Tea (yeah! They make it in tea!) from my Auntie Cookie. I thought that was it...that was special enough. I got some of the treats in the afternoon and I rolled around on the bag of catnip tea, getting myself a killer contact high. The Woman says she'll make me the tea later, when she feels better (she has a cold..she sounds like she ate a frog.)

Well. After the People had dinner, they brought out this:

I didn't even get in trouble when I jumped up on the table to investigate.

And then I got to scarf down--on the table!

This was a way cool day.
We have got to do it again!

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