March 30, 2005

If I had known the Woman was going to feel kind of sad after she got up and checked her email and stuff, I might have been nicer about getting her out of bed this morning. I was really hungry, though, and figured what the hell. I was nice to her yesterday, so today it should be ok to pounce on her boobs and run across her head. Over and over and over.

Seemed reasonable.

That was before I found out about Wil's cat. The Woman likes Wil, and since he's a cat person, I suppose I like him, too. Today he had to take his cat Felix in for that very last vet visit. Felix fought hard for a long time, but he was done. It was time.

I know it makes people sad. I would be, too, if it was one of my favorite kitties. But you know, the Rainbow Bridge is real. We all know it, People should, too. And since we're smarter than the average human, we know that you do what you have to do out of a kindness you don't seem to be able to extend to yourselves.

We know what's waiting for us. It's not a bad thing. I know that when I finally get to the Bridge--not that I'm in any hurry, since there are so many more ways for me to annoy the People--I'll be able to find my dog Hank, and he'll introduce me to Dusty, the Cat Who Came Before Me. And they'll point me towards Ataturk, the cat who owned the Woman when she was very little, and Bridgette, the dog who owned the Man when he was growing up.

We'll play together, and we'll wait for you.

So the Woman is a little sad today, because she feels bad that Wil and his family have to go through this. And she's thinking about her former owners, and misses them. So I'll be nice to her the rest of the day. I licked her hands when she came home from where ever she went today. She smells funny when she goes where ever that is, and is imminently lickable. That seems to amuse her. She threatens to take me there and throw me in the pool, but I know she doesn't mean it.

But People, just remember; if we're not here designating tasks for you, we're There, waiting. And take your time, because you have so much to learn here first.

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