March 21, 2005

Ok...what does a guy need to do in order to get some privacy? I mean, really... I was in the litter box, minding my own business, and I knew it was going to take a little while, so I decided to pass the time by singing. Well. The Woman heard me and came running back to the bathroom, sputtering, "Are you all right? It sounded like you were in pain."

Phffft. Lady, when you sing it sounds like someone's in pain...usually whoever is within ear shot. I was just singing nicely.

She sees I'm perfectly fine, but then she stands there in the doorway and watches me. I'm peeing my freaking brains out, and she's WATCHING me!

Did no one ever teach this woman good manners?

Yeah, sure she wanted to make sure I was "all right." I think she just has this freaky thing about watching me in the box.


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