March 02, 2005

Okay, so the People demonstrated a modicum for appreciating the Feline Wonder of Me yesterday. But you know what the Woman did today? She--and I only know this by smell, it's not like she would confess or anything--went out and had her way with another cat.

She smells like random kitty trash. I think she was petting or playing with one of those rude cats that roam around outside and won't talk to me when I'm sitting in the window.

Does she not understand how utterly offensive this is?

And I haven't even gotten any more shrimp today. Oh, I know there's some in the fridge because I saw it when the Younger Human opened the door, but it's long after dinner and I haven't gotten any. If I don't get some, after having to smell cat on the Woman, I just might have to bite something. Or someone.

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