January 12, 2007

So far we've got to try Nutro canned Stinky Goodness (I had a pouch once and hated it), and Avoderm Stinky Goodness. I liked them both, but Buddah just picked at the Nutro. When the Woman opened the can of Avoderm, he tried to stick his face in the can to start eating before she could get it on the plate. She says there's one more kind we get to try, Natural Balance, and whatever we wind up liking the best is what she'll buy.

The only thing I don't like is that no one is opening cans for us first thing in the morning. Like today the Man came home from passing gas and he went to bed! He didn't feed us! And when the Woman got up she didn't open a can, either, she just sat down and read the paper. She didn't feed us until 10:30! And then tonight when it was time for dinner, she said no, not yet. And she made us wait until 9 o'clock!

Oh, she said there was a little dry food if we were that hungry, but there's only like 5 pieces of dry food in the dish and we didn't want dry food, we wanted the Stinky Goodness to which we are rightly entitled!

You know what it is, she just doesn't want to have to get up in the morning. She's lazy and selfish and too sleepy for her own good. She should be happy to get up and feed us! What else does she have to live for?

Hey! I was just at William's blog, and he's About.com's Cat Blog Of the Week! The Woman says she always thought Fran Syufy, the Guide there, was one smart lady (the Woman does lots of reading there about cat food,) but she also obviously has good taste too!

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