January 14, 2007

Oh man...we found a Stinky Goodness we really don't like. I mean, you know it's bad when the person opens the can and the kitty backs away in revulsion. Buddah was on the counter tonight when the Woman started to dish out dinner, and he dang near backed himself off the counter and onto the floor. When neither one of us would even taste it, she shrugged it off and said "Well, I won't be buying anymore of that, will I?" I wanted to say "Buy it if you want, but you're the one who'll be eating it," but I didn't since I really wanted her to throw the abomination away and give us something edible.

I'm not stupid, I know when to bite my tongue.

So she opened another can, this time some thing really good, and after we were done (ok, we inhaled, both of us did) she asked, "Was it good?"

That's when I said, "No, we like the taste of fetid armpit roasted over a fire made with cow poop..."

I don't have to be nice until tomorrow...

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