January 17, 2007


WooHoo...the printer that works with the book distributor was able to pull the interior of the book and stick the revised layout in its place, so books ordered through the online bookstores will be the correct version (the profit margin is still a lot better when you order through the Woman; she gets the books at wholesale and because the book biznezzz is what it is, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and every other book store gets them at 55% discount, which squeezes a lot out of the whole thing...) It's still gonna be wicked cool to see it up on Amazon and Books-A-Million and stuff.

Oh, and I gave the Woman a gentle headbutt to the cheek (in a nice way) because she figured out the who PayPal shopping cart thingy. Yes, we are proud; this is a person who can handle the whole book layout and printer and publishing thing, but it was seriously stressful for her to sit here and figure out where to click at PayPal to get a real shopping cart. :::rolls eyes:::

Oh! I had a new Stinky Goodness flavor! Some kinda Catch-a-torry. Buddah decided he just won't eat the new Stinky Goodnesses, so the Woman bought him some Fancy Feast Stinky Goodness, which means I get the new stuff ALL TO MYSELF! But I wouldnt mind the occassional can of Fancy Feast, either. That's just good eatin...

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