January 28, 2007

Books...books...books... The Woman still has not received the shipment of books she ordered; she didn't place a rush on it like she usually does because she didn't want to use any potential money that would be donate-able, but her client rep assures her the box of books will be here soon. And her client rep is very reliable, so we're thinking they'll get here this week.

While she was pondering and wondering and looking online for good kitty places that proceeds could go to, she sat back and sighed hard and mumbled "I would feel better if someone would tell me for sure of a reputable place" (she really says things like that. I just snort and then lick myself, continuing to ignore her) when this story came on the news about this place that helps out disbaled animals. Her eyes got real big and she smiled and said that maybe someone up there heard and that's why the story came on when it did.

Anyway...this place is called Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary and they have lots of cats there. There's lots of dogs and horses, too. She likes it because they give animals a second chance at life, when other places would put them down.

But we all get a voice. I know everyone has their favorite charities and we got so many good ideas when we asked before, but it was hard to pick from all of them, so the Woman took the news story as a sign...but you still get to vote. And she will abide by your wishes.

So...vote! This is my first poll, so be gentle.

All done...

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