January 11, 2007

Ha! WE WON! It took gaining some additional girth, even on Buddah's part, but we won.

Here's the thing...Remember when Buddah and I were getting just Stinky Goodness? We were in gastronomical heaven. But then we started barfing alot, chucking hairballs hither and yon and then hither again, so the Woman thought we needed a little dry food in our diets, especially since I would absolutely not allow that brown hairball goop anywhere near me.

So we got some crunchy food, and she cut back on the Stinky Goodness. I was only getting one freaking ounce of the stuff! ONE OUNCE! And she was stingy with the crunchy food, too, so I was starving and Buddah was too...but we both gained weight anyway.


Buddah doesn't look it, but he weighs 14 pounds now. He's all skinny on the sides, but he has a tiny little tummy starting to form. It's not nearly as impressive as mine--mine swings back and forth when I run--but it's enough the Woman noticed it. We both got weighed today, and it made the Woman sad. She blames herself. As well she should.

So the Woman did more research on cat food. And she and the Man discussed our girth while watching Buddah tear around the house like a maniac. And then the Woman disccused our size and activity and other such things with a lady stabby guy.

Apparently kitties can do quite well on a quality dry cat food, but she didn't seem to think what we've been gettng meets the criteria for quality. And boy kitties, she told the Woman, have a greater chance for crystals, and dry food can exacerbate that. And crystals can make it hard to pee. Most kitties are happier on Stinky Goodness. Some prefer crunchy food and that's ok if it's high quality, but for kitties such as ourselves*, Stinky Goodness is the better choice, if it's a good Stinky Goodness.

My Stinky Goodness of choice is, evidently, the equivalent of human fast food. We can live on it and be perfectly healthy, as it is a complete cat food, but there are better foods, the lady stabby guy intimated. If we get just Quality Stinky Goodness, we should both slim down (but not too fast. Losing too much weight too fast can be a Big Bad for kitties) and be happy.

So the Woman is going to put the Foodmobile into reverse, and gradually switch us back to ALL STINKY GOODNESS!

I hope I like the new Stinky Goodness. But if I don't, I heard the Woman tell the Man that the lady stabby guy says that it would be ok to give us the old Stinky Goodness, as long as it was the flavors without high carb grains and the first ingredient is real meat.

*Apparently, kitties such as ourselves develop attitudes and behavior problems if they don't get as much food as they'd like, and we wouldn't be getting as much crunchy food as we would want to make our tummies happy. It all means the Woman is pretty sure we'd turn into raving lunactics, bent on hounding her until she went insane if we thought our tummies were growling...

On the book front: the Woman got the proof copy today and it's all pretty and spiffy, but there was an omission and she needs to see what the printer can do about it. Either way, she should be taking pre-orders in less than a week.

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