October 03, 2006


I took a nice, leisurely nap this afternoon, curled up on top of the climbing tower. I don't know where Buddah was and I don't really care, because it was an awesome nap. When I woke up I felt all warm and wonderful and nicely refreshed...

...and then I went downstairs. The People had moved all the stuff around! Sheesh, for a minute I thought we'd moved again.

People, I don't care if the couch made the family room feel too small. You put it there first, it should have stayed there. I don't care if it looks all spiffy in the living room (and why is it a living room when no one ever goes in there...?) with the bookcases and the big comfy chair. You moved it and made me upset, and that's what matters.

No, don't move it back. Just leave things alone already!

Oh, and get me some crunchy treats. I deserve that much.

Oh yeah!

Check this out!

The Woman's office has this thing she says is called a "media nook" but she put the fuzzy blankets in it and it's a special Kitty Lounge!

Is that awesome, or what???

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