October 17, 2006

It's bad enough that the People have one of those horrible sucking monsters that eats everything in its path, but when it got sick and started puking things up instead of eating, did they take that as a sign that we would be better off without it?

No, that would make sense. When the sucking monster started vomiting up bits and pieces of its previous meals, the People went out and bought another sucking monster. One that's more powerful. One that can suck the fur right off a kitty's back!

As soon as I saw the Woman move it onto the carpet, I ran. I'm not stupid. I have glorious, beautiful black and white fur and I intend to keep it. But Buddah...sheesh. He stayed. I heard the Woman say "You might want to go upstairs," but he just sat there.

Until she turned it on that is. Then I heard his feet thundering on the stairs. But did he engage in appropriate kitty behavior and hide under the bed?

No! That little monster just jumped onto the High Place of the wall, and watched the Woman feed the sucking monster! Is he insane? What if he had fallen? Then he'd be all Humpty Dumpty & chit, and the Woman would NOT try to put him back together. She'd just let the sucking monster clean him up.

I keep trying to tell him, but he won't listen. There are some things you just don't do, and staying in the room with a feeding sucking monster is one of them.

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