October 28, 2006

This Is A Public Service Announcement!

Sometimes people just get it right. Maybe not my People, but people in general. Like the people who make Stinky Goodness.

Life without Stinky Goodness would just be all hairballs and crunchy food, and I didn't think it could get any better, but...


They have a new Stinky Goodness.

It is the most awesome Stinky Goodness.

The Woman says it's freakishly expensive Stinky Goodness but she still bought us several cans of it and will stock up when she finds it on sale. It is SO GOOD that when she gives it to us, we make piggy sounds while we eat. There's lots of snorting and grunting and the sounds of Could life get any better than this???

You have to get your people to get you a can or two of this. If they balk, tell them it's healthy because it's got GREENS in it. Yeah, I don't care about that either but people seem to.

Oh man, I hope we get it for dinner tonight, too.

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