September 30, 2006

Finally, we have an online connection. It took the People long enough. They kept blaming the cable guy for not showing up, but really, they should have figured out a way to get me online long before now. Right? Right.

Look at the nice wide window sills. I don't even need the People to put up my special window seats, there's enough space I can sit here and look outside, or even lie down if I want. I can't curl up, but that's all right. The sofa is nearby if I want to do that. Or in the other room there's the big floppy comfy chair; the Woman put it right in front of two huge windows that look out front.

It would help if they would finish putting all their stuff away, but the place is still cluttered. The Woman says she can't do a lot during the day because the Man is asleep and she doesn't want to wake him. That's just an excuse. She could tidy up quietly if she really wanted. I think she just wants to sit there and read or play computer games all day. Buddah and I would like everything off the floor ASAP, because it seems to be prime floor material, and we can run and slide like crazy on it.

I know the People didn't want to move (heck, neither did I) and Buddah was freaked out beyond belief at first, but all in all, I think this is going to be a much better place to live. And that's coming from a kitty who liked the last place! I mean, sheesh--I have a private litterbox room! What more can a kitty ask for, besides a never ending supply of Stinky Goodness???

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