October 13, 2006

My links list is getting very long.
Verrrrrry long.
I had to do something about it...

Now, no one got cut from the list, nope nope nope. What I did was create a separate page for links (Clicky here to see) and then created a blogroll... Everyone is still in the blogroll, but it will only display a few at a time, and in random order.

So if you don't see your link there, I'm not being a meaniehead and dropping your blog, it's just not in the currently viewable rotation, but IS still at the List O'Links page.

If this doesn't work well, I'll just put the old list back up, and the people who email me whining about how long my list is and how much sopace it takes can then kiss my furry...tail.

But yeah, it is getting a little long and I see their point.

It's right on the top of their little heads...

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