September 22, 2006

Judging from how it looks around here, I think I am not going to have a computer available for a few days. So think of me while these People are TORTURING us and LOCKING US IN A ROOM ALL DAY while they take all the stuff out of the house. I heard the Man say he would leave the cable router plugged in, so I might be able to get on later tonight and surf through some kitty blogs. I hope so. I haven't gotten nearly enough surfing time lately. They OWE me that, if they're gonna take the computer away for UMPTEEN days.

Oh, and now I have to give the little monster some of my hard earned money. Who knew Satan really could ice skate???

And one more thing...Merlin the little kitty we've been pulling for isn't doing so hot. He has FIP and the outlook is not good. So please throw some more Mojo and prayers and good thoughts towards his Mom, to help her get through this. She hasn't had him very long but she loves him like crazy. You know, sometimes a kitty comes into a Person's life because the person needs the kitty, and sometimes the kitty needs the Person. Merlin really needed a Person, and she's been exactly the Person he ton's o'good thoughts, and when I get my computer back I'll hope the news is at least palatable...

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