September 15, 2006

Man, what a difference an hour makes.

I used to try to get the Woman up at 7 on the mornings she needed to get up to feed me us. But then she added crunchy food back into our diets, so I could eat a little in the middle of the night, and I wasn't starving by 5 a.m.

So now I don't wake her up until 8. And she doesn't seem to mind.

But she's still not exactly with it in the mornings. Like today. I jumped up on the bed and said "It's eight now. We're hungry."

She sighed and her eyes sort of fluttered open. "What time is is?"


"Move and let me see the clock."

"It's eight! It's eight!"

She leaned over and pushed my head down so she could squint at the clock. "Wow. It's after eight. "I bet you want to eat, don't you?"


At least in her density, she's not grumpy about getting up, even though she does insist on going to the giant literbox before going downstairs...

I hope that lasts.

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