September 07, 2006

I'm not really sure what prompted her to do it--the Woman gave us a Stinky Goodness snack at TWO IN THE MORNING--but I'm not complaining. And beause she was so nice, I did not try to wake her up this morning when we normally eat. No, I sat on the bed and stared at her quietly, letting her sleep.

Then Buddah jumped up on her, and even though he was quiet about it and just plopped down there to curl up, it woke her up.

She opened her eyes and mumbled "My bladder says good morning..."

Yeah, I didn't hear anyone say anything, and neither did Buddah. I think what she heard was one of the voices in her head talking to her.

So we were really good and didn't wake her up, but was she happy? No, she got up, went to the giant litterboox rom, and then went back to bed, mumbling something about three-thirty in the freaking morning and dying if she didn't get more sleep. She went back to bed, and we were left to just sit there and wait.

Hey, just because a guy gets a middle of the night snack that doesn't mean he's not hungry in the morning.

What good is being good if it doesn't get you some Stinky Goodness???

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