September 28, 2006

Dictated for the Woman to post while being lazy at the library:

Yeah, we don't have internet access at the new place yet. You should hear the people complaining about that...but the library does, so the Woman is going to post this for me once she gets there.

The house is sweet; it has stairs and it echoes when I meowe and we have a private kitty litterboax room under the stairs. I think I'll like it here (once they get all their crap put away.)

Buddah freaked out the first day and was so scared he climbed up inside of one of the peoples' reclining chairs and wouldn't come out. He was even shaking really hard. But once he realized this place is like a kitty jungle gym, he clamed down. And he'll put pictures on his blog when we have access at home.

But some bad news...Merlin, the little kitty we were pulling for, went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was at home with his Woman when he decided it was time, and he trotted off on his own terms. I'm sad, but I'm also glad he didn't suffer too long. FIP is not a fun thing to deal with, not for the kitty or the person.

And I'm sad to hear that Ullrick also went. Dammit.

I should be back online by this weekend, if not I'll dictate another missive and make the Woman go back to the library.

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