September 11, 2006

Oh yeah, the sound of thundering elephants, that was me. I saw that wiggly white snake that the Woman had by the tail, and I went for it. It was flopping all over the place, making a ticking sound on the floor, and I felt compelled to kill it before it did her in.

Better yet, Buddah sat by watching, wanting to get in on it so badly, but it was my kill, so watching was all he got to do.

I think it's good and dead now. The Woman left it there on the floor and said I could play with it some before she tossed it out. I let Buddah take a bite then and he said "Ick. That tastes like plastic. Isn't it supposed to taste like chicken?" But you know, if she hadn't cut it off the stack of flat, empty boxes she brought in, it wouldn't have been a problem for her.

This is what happens when a person begins to implement the M word. White snakes that *I* have to kill.

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