July 01, 2006

Ok...I'm outta books. I can get more--if there are 7 more people who want a book and want the money to go towards kitty No Name Yet, the Woman can order more. Well, she can order less than 7, but that's the magic number to get a printing discount, and she's really cheap...

Thanks, everyone...the kitty blogoshpere is the best.

Edited a few minutes later: the kitty has a name! AND Malcolm reached his goal...! but I had the Woman send the book money anyway, 'cause Millie may need stuff still. You know, treats and toys and fresh live dead shrimp and fish.

Oh, and I got a couple emails from kitties who were sad because they couldn't donate. Please don't feel sad. You wanted to help and that's the important thing. Your well wishes, good thoughts, Mojo, and prayers are every bit as helpful as cash. And those things may be most important now...Millie and Malcolm need all the prayers and good thoughts and Mojo we can all send their way, so she fully recovers and decides he's a keeper.

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