July 31, 2006

Last week, the Woman closed all the blinds on the windows because it was hot out. It was hot OUTSIDE, not INSIDE, but she closed the blinds anyway, so Buddah and I couldn't see outside much. She left one window downstairs open and one upstairs, but both of those windows looked out to NOTHING worth seeing.

I got fed up with it. So yesterday I went from window to window, banging at the blinds until she got so fed up that she opened most of them. First she opened one in the living room and said "Are you happy now?" but no, it wasn't enough.

So she opened another and said, "Are you happy?"

I kept banging on blinds until she opened them all, and then when she said "Are you happy?" I looked at her and said "Well, no, but this will do."

If she wanted me happy, she should have given me some crunchy treats. I worked hard to get her to open those blinds. I deserved some crunchy treats!

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