July 18, 2006

Remember when I got so sick and I wasn't eating? The People got this tube of brown goop and they kept trying to jam some of it in my mouth; it was nasty and horrible and I didn't want it, and once I got my strength back I swore I would never let it anywhere near me again. Oh, they said I needed it because it had calories and would keep me from wasting away, but it was gross. Max doesn't do gross.

Yesterday the Woman comes home with a tube. And wouldn't you know it, it's brown goop. Now, I'm not sick, Buddah's not sick, and we're eating just fine, so I said to him "RUN!" as I scampered across the kitchen to hide under the table where she couldn't reach me, but he went over to her!

She squirted some of the goop out onto our plates and he started licking it right up. Evidently, Buddah does do gross.

While he lapped it up she bent over and said to me, "It's for hairballs, Furball. Try it, you'll like it."


Then it occurred to her. "It's not the same stuff, I swear! This tastes like salmon!"

Yeah right. And when I lick my butt it tastes like sunshine and daffodils.

Buddah likes it, though. And she let him have my share. Since he has hairball problems and I don't, it works out. That's one treat he can have all to himself.

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