July 24, 2006

Buddah wised up. He decided he really didn't like the hairball goop after all, so he's refusing to lick it up. And since the People are--deep down--pansies, they caved and instead of trying to force it on either of us, they're giving us some crunchy food that has hairball stuff in it.

Now that I like. It means a little less Stinky Goodness, but not so much that I really notice it. Yet. They're skimming an ounce or so off each of our meals so we won't feel hungry. The last couple of nights the Woman has given us the crunchy food right along with our Stinky Goodness snack, and I actually couldn't eat it all.

Who'da thunk that? Me, not finishing food... And I'm not even sick!

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