June 30, 2006

Ok, We GOTTA Help...!

I wish I had checked my email last night, so I would have known earlier (thanks Beau, for dropping all da kitties a line!)

This pretty little thing (yes she's pretty! She's a tux!) got squashed by a car, was rescued by this guy, who didn't have to do anything but did...and the kitty needed a new hip.

(I know lots of you already know this, but play along for those who don't...)

New kitty hips are not cheap, even with a vet donating a huge chunk of the services.

I just got a couple of book orders and am going to donate the money from that...but I still have 3 copies of Something Of Yours Will Meet A Toothy Death and will donate the money from those--so if you've ever wanted one WITH MY SPECIAL AUTOGRAPH!!! now's the time! (You must order using the Pay Pal payment link in order for me to be able to directly donate the funds.)

If you don't want a book but have a kind heart and want to help ease the financial burden of getting this beautiful little girl (yes, I said it. BEAUTIFUL! I can be snarky and still say that. I CAN!) much needed help ('cause she'd be dead otherwise, you know) then go to his web site, find the paypal link, and donate a buck or two or twenty.

Kitties of the web, we must unite. We are kitties, hear us roar...or something like that. Help if you can, please.

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