July 31, 2006

Are you a writing kitty?

Do you have the talent for turning your thoughts into stories? Or essays? Or poetry?

If the answer is yes, then there's one more question:

Are you interested in writing a short story or essay or an adaptation of some of your blog stuff for an anthology of Kitty Fiction? The Woman is thinking of putting together a book of OUR wonderful work to be published in time for the holidays, with all the profits going to a suitable Kitty charity. It would be published by Inkblot Books and would be available in all the major online bookstores as well as through the publisher.

If you're a kitty and you like to write (and we all have blogs, so obviously we do!) and you think you might want to do this, please leave a comment. If there's enough interest, she'll get the ball rolling.

It would make a terrific holiday gift, plus it would buy some needed stuff for kitties in need.

Speak up if you think you might want to be in it!

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