March 09, 2007

The Woman tried to have a discussion with me this morning. After our morning Stinky Gdness she went into her office and found a note from the Man; he weighed us this morning and felt some pressing need to share the numbers.

"Why," she asked me, "are you not losing weight?"
I dunno. You feed me. You figure it out.
"I don't want to have to cut your food back any more than I already have."
Fine. Then don't. Problem solved.
"Buddah even gained a little."
So? Why are you telling me this? I don't care.
She sighed heavily and then said, "I may have to totally take away the tiny bit of dry food you get at night."
I don't care. I can live without that, Buddah's the one who cries all day for it.
"Buddah will be upset."
Did I not just think that at you?

Look, if she wants to crush Buddah's little heart and take away the teaspoon of dry crunchy he gets at night (no, I don't get that much. I only get like 3 token pieces, as if I don't matter at all...) what's it to me? And why does she feel some pressing need to share this with me? Just open the cans for me, and torture the other kitty any which way you please....

Really now.

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