March 16, 2007

Max samples the 'nip, with permissionSweeeeeet.

Buddah got fresh, live, growing kitty crack for his birthday, and he was totally into the sharing thing. Don't worry, I didn't just shove my face in there, he nibbled at it first and then on to look at his other presents.

The People were gone most of the day, but Buddah didn't seem to mind. He took 12 nice naps, and we played together a little bit. As soon as the People got home, the Woman gave us his birthday dinner, the really good Fancy Feast Stinky Goodness, the kind with greens in it. And usually we get half a can each at dinner, but we got a whole can each of that, and dang that was good.

After that was presents, and then we played a little bit more. We ran up the bookcases and were going to wrestle, but the Woman pointed at us and said "That is not a good idea." I looked down and figured she might be right...

Buddah got one present I can't really play with; it's a pretty cool scratcher, and there's catnip sprinkled in it. Even though I don't have claws, I can rub my paws on it the way I do on the furniture.

And man, it occured to me, Buddah is pretty grown up--he never even tries to sharpen his claws on the furniture. He only does it on Claw-Approved materials... Granted, the People have bought a lot of things he's allowed to claw, but it just occured to me, he understands that. The may be hope for him, after all...

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