March 03, 2007

I was trying to be nice to the Woman this morning, just standing there nicely, waiting for her to wake up. I didn't meow or anything, I just stood there, because I was pretty sure it was about time for her to wake up and make good use of her opposable thumbs.

Then she opened an eye and said "Please don't stand on my bladder."

So I was nice again, and I sat down. Then she sais--both eyes closed--"Please don't sit on my bladder."

Well, sheesh. I laid down to wait, but she said "Please don't lie on my bladder."

Look, I'm not even exactly sure where her bladder is, but I was on her tummy, and I was being nice. She should enjoy that. At the very least, I think I deserved head skritches for not meowing right into her ear to get her up.

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