March 19, 2007

The Man was doing something in the back yard today; it was very noisy so I didn't sit by the window to watch, but the Woman says that it's for me and Buddah, and we'll be very happy when he's done.

I want to know what it is! And no one will tell me!

The only hint she'll give is that it's something we already own but haven't had since we moved, and we miss it and don't even realize we miss it.


I'm ready for my snack now. If she won't tell me what it is then I want snack early tonight. Tonight is a flavor we haven't had in YEARS. Or since we started getting the other food. It's got cod and sole and shrimp! Earlier we had tender roast beef. I wonder if the Stinky Goodness people thought they were being cute when they named that. It's roast beed made into a mushy mess. Of course it's tender. But it's tasty, so I suppose they can call it anything they want.

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